Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"M" sounds

I had Molly on the changing pad on the floor Monday when she started making "m" noises over and over again. It's the first time I've heard her babble "ma ma." She's been babbling "da da" for weeks (the first time I noticed it was father's day), so this was very exciting for me.

The funny thing is the first thing she said, even before "ma ma," was a very clear "Oma" (Grandma K's nickname). Can you tell she just spent some time with Lucy?

So now I'm doing silly gestures all the time, pointing to myself and saying "ma ma." Whenever she says it randomly I smother her with kisses. The other day she looked directly at her father and said "ma ma." Obviously I've got some work to do.

Monday, July 28, 2008


We're back from our unexpected trip to Rochester to pay our respects to Molly's great uncle Bob. Hugs for Grace and the rest of the family.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Few Videos

Here are a couple videos from today. In this first one Molly is eating some squash and singing her breakfast song (or giving us a play by play or something).

Lately she loves to play with (clean) laundry as well.

And this just cracks me up.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The tofu blues

Molly's been a grumpopotamus for the past 24 hours or so, and I think tofu might be to blame.

She's 7 months old today and I started giving her some mushed up tofu as her new food Monday, which my book says is a good thing to start for babies at 7 months. Well, this is the first food we've tried that doesn't seem to be sitting well in her tummy. She is uncomfortable, so much so that yesterday she woke up early from her mid-day nap after about 15 minutes and hasn't been able to sleep well since. She was up every two hours last night and I had to try two or three times at each waking to get her back down. The lack of sleep makes everything worse. She falls over a lot, hits her face with toys, bumps her head into things ... there's been a lot of crying around here.

So no more tofu. I was planning to take her out somewhere fun today to celebrate 7 months, but alas I will spend another month mark trying to stay awake and hoping I might get a shower if I'm lucky and the baby ever sleeps again.

On the plus side, Molly discovered today that she can crawl out of one room and into another. It's the first time I've seen her crawl any distance away from me rather than toward me. She's also been giving a lot of kisses this morning and making happy coo noises. When she's up, she's up. I just hope her tummy gets back to normal soon so we get more of that and less crying. Poor baby.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

After some practice...

it looks much less like the dolphin.

Monday, July 14, 2008

This is what I find now when Molly wakes up.

Just a few days ago I came in to find her on her hands and knees in the crib, which was cute. Then one day she was sitting up, which was even cuter. Then this morning at 1 a.m. she woke me up because she was sitting up in her crib and needed me to lay her back down. Less cute. Then this morning, standing. I peeked in, hoping she might roll over and sleep for another 45 minutes (her naps go in 45-minute cycles and she rarely does more than one cycle). Not likely now that she seems to stand up the instant that she's awake. Ugh!

We had a fun weekend, considering we didn't do much. Molly and her daddy hung out together Saturday morning so I could go to an aerobics class -- the first one since the baby was born almost 7 months ago!!! I've been paying the membership and feeling really depressed about not being able to go. I really thought I would be back within a month or two of Molly's arrival, but it's a two-hour production for me to drive there and back and do the hour-long class, and the weekend classes happen in the morning when Molly does a lot of nursing. Now that she's eating solids it's finally possible. It felt great!

Jim spent most of the weekend baby proofing the house. He installed the baby gate and anchored furniture to the walls -- just in time, too. This morning Molly pulled herself up on the dresser in her room.

Molly's been incredibly busy. Her crawling is much smoother already, but she does it only when she really needs to get somewhere. The thing that she wants to practice from the minute she opens her eyes until she's so tired she breaks down is standing. She pulls herself up on everything -- living room furniture, her toys, laundry baskets, people. She likes to transfer from one thing to another, and she likes to drop things and try to bend down and pick them up.

There's a cute little game she plays when I'm brushing my teeth in the morning, too. She crawls toward the bathroom door just far enough so she can see my reflection in the full-length mirror. Then she looks at me in the reflection, then in real life, then the reflection, then real life and gets excited about it. We got a mirror at Home Depot this weekend to screw to the wall in her room so she can play with it whenever she wants.

A couple more pictures from the weekend:

(Molly started out sitting in the living room on this one -- she crawled across the floor and pulled herself up on this toy and stood there playing with it).

(We love her little mouth faces).

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Um, I just totally swore in front of the baby.
I was sitting here posting a message to my diaper sewing forum (my pathetic little obsession) and the baby was sitting quietly playing with her toys on the blanket on the floor on the OTHER SIDE of the ottoman from my chair.
I looked up and she was standing on the short end of the ottoman and cruising toward me. This means she pulled herself up to standing, then cruised around the corner and down the edge of the ottoman, navigating over the wrinkles on the blanket and the (hard!) toys at her feet.
So I said, "Oh, s**t!"
As I'm writing this she's still cruising around -- she cruised over to my side of the ottoman (one fall and I picked her back up), over to my laptop on a stool and now onto the chair, where she is cooing and putting the drawstring from my shorts in her mouth.
Well, I didn't know she could do that!! (The cruising ... she's been putting drawstrings in her mouth for a long time).

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ew, maybe it's time to clean

Molly was putting her foot in her mouth on the changing table today when I noticed black dirt on her cheeks and all over the bottom of her foot. Ick!!! Now that she's moving off the blankets I strategically placed around the house, I'm racing around trying to keep ahead of her -- not so much baby proofing, but cleaning. These floors are gross!

It freaks me out the way our routines have changed in just a day. Usually in the morning at some point I set her on a blanket in the living room and go to the kitchen to get breakfast. She cries when I go around the corner out of sight and generally complains until I come back. Well yesterday, she didn't cry. He leaned forward onto her hands and crawled toward me!

This morning I looked down while I was brushing my teeth, expecting to see her on the blanket in our bedroom. Nope. She had crawled over (surprisingly quickly) and was right at my feet.

The cute thing today is she's having trouble moving from carpet to hard floor. I think the hard floors bother her bare knees, or maybe she can't move forward without digging her toes into the carpet. For whatever reason, she follows me as far as the edge of the carpet, then stalls there. She sits up, leans onto her hands, twists around and looks like she's trying to crawl but she doesn't move forward. What a goofball!

Monday, July 7, 2008

On the move

It's not elegant and it's not fast, but this baby is mobile. Does anyone but me think this looks more like the dolphin than crawling?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another successful trip

We had a lovely vacation in Rochester this past week. We started the trip profoundly sleep deprived and came home somewhat better rested. Molly slept surprisingly well in her Pack n' Play at my mom's house. That's all it takes for me to have a good vacation: sleep.

As usual, the main event was spending time with family.

Molly enjoyed playing with her grandmas' cats, playing with her cousin and goofing around with her grandparents. We got her some new toys from a little independent toy store, but her favorite toy from the trip is a little red dog collar we got her from a dollar bin at Joann's. She's into straps -- the straps on her car seat, on her diaper bag, etc. -- so we weren't surprised. She also still loves drinking glasses and cups (her favorite toy at Grammy's was a plastic measuring cup), and she's recently developed an interest in the tags on blankets and toys.

We got home Thursday and have been using the rest of Jim's vacation from work to clean out the house and gather stuff to give to Goodwill. It's long overdue.

We got an e-mail right before we left for Rochester saying that Molly's crib was recalled. The process of getting a voucher for a new one is slow and overly complicated, so we're still using the crib. The problem is that apparently babies can break the bars on the crib and then get stuck between the slats. We're working on the assumption that we would hear a crib bar break. I really hope that's true.

Oh, one last thing. Molly is getting very close to crawling. She gets so frustrated because she wants to move forward but she just can't get her knees to cooperate. A few times this weekend, though -- usually when I'm walking away from her and she gets desperate to follow -- she has crawled just a little bit forward. I hope, for her sake, she figures it out soon. It's so hard to watch her struggle.