Friday, September 25, 2009

'Do it, self'

Molly in the kitchen:

She's been very chatty this week. Just now she asked for a sheet of address label stickers ("thank you please") so I gave it to her. She folded it up and put it in the basket of her grocery cart and said "grocery store," then pointed to the stickers and said "grocery list."

She likes the concept of "right back," as in 'you wait here, I'll be right back.' Yesterday she said "right back" so I asked her where she was going. She said, "grocery store, buy bagels."

She's into the 'monkeys on the bed' rhyme lately. The other day she said "bump head." I thought she actually bumped, but it turns out she was talking about the monkeys. Today in the car she was saying "one monkey" and I couldn't figure out what she meant. Then she said "one monkey jump bed."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hangin' out

Not much going on here, just the routine.

Now that all the older neighborhood kids are back to school, there's a ton of the neighbor moms are taking their toddlers to just about every week day -- story hours at various libraries, daily free classroom-type programs put on by the Family Partnership, extracurriculars like Kindermusik. Mostly we're trying to avoid it. That last thing we need is an over-scheduled one-year-old.

We have been getting out, though.

Here are some pictures from a trip we took to a wildlife preserve in Concord with the next door neighbor last week. Molly had a good time playing around with Teddy and the path was just one straight trail between marshes that ended at a river, so it was toddler-friendly. I think her favorite part was riding in the neighbor's minivan. That's what she keeps talking about, anyway.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Photos from the weekend can be found here.

These are photos from today, playing with our new tie-dye shirts (for anybody who happened to be at the tie-dye event and cares to see how they came out). Anna's method is awesome!! The colors came out so bright.

The blue shirt Molly is wearing was a spiral fold. The purple one was made by bunching it up (which worked great, except there's a big white spot on the back).

The wing shirt is my favorite -- made by picking up points all over and tying rubber bands on them. The long-sleeve shirt Molly is sitting on is the one where I twisted it and tied the whole thing in a knot -- it didn't get much color.

Anyway, Molly likes her shirts. She said "purple pretty" when I was taking these pictures and much later, as we were walking down the stairs to go outside, she said, "new shirt like it." Me too!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wing Fung

We have way too many good photos from the weekend to fit into one post. If I have to pick one that sums up the experience, it would be this.

I'm putting pictures on Shutterfly tonight. I promise.