Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's always sunny

Ah, how nice after an exhausting day of tantrums, sibling fights and falling behind on chores to look at our life through the lens of the camera. In our pictures the skies are blue, the grass is green and the children are running through fields, eating popsicles and playing together nicely. I'm going to take a few minutes to pretend that's all that happens around here.

Sharing the new toy. They always share. Always.

Kate actually standing in the grass, not screaming to be carried. Very, very rare moment.

Molly soaking up the sunshine in one of the many mini parks in our neighborhood. Not scratching the paint on my car with a rock or breaking my closet door or having a tantrum in the neighbor's backyard because I tell her it's time for dinner.
Oh wait, how did that one get in there? (That's yogurt, cleverly applied as sunscreen, as I tried to get some cooking done).

Thursday, May 2, 2013


What perfect weather we've had this week!

Things are really blooming now. Many colors of tulips are blooming around our house -- and in strange places. The neighbors told me the squirrels dig up the bulbs and replant tulips all over the yard, in the middle of shrubs, anywhere. Silly squirrels.

Our front yard magnolia tree is just beginning to bloom.

Now that Kate's nap is (at least temporarily) back, it's been easier to go out places in the afternoon to play. Today we went to Abbott's (is it officially a bad habit yet?) and then drove over to Highland Park to check out the playground.

We definitely weren't the only people who thought to go to Highland Park on such a beautiful afternoon. Once we figured out where we were going and hunted down a parking spot it was quite lovely.

We started at the playground ...

Then took a walk through their lovely Magnolias. So pretty!