Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer vacation

Molly's been feeling private about her news lately. She lost her first tooth on the last Friday of school and insisted that I not post any pictures. She wanted to tell people in person. Now she says it's OK to share, though.

She has since lost a second tooth on the bottom. She made many little labeled paper pouches for each tooth that falls out. She has also been leaving a special bead or two for the tooth fairy.

We've been busy since school ended. We joined the JCC for the summer. Molly's been seeing a lot of school and neighborhood friends there. Kate stays in sitter service happily now. I even got to do an exercise class once. Of course, within a week of our first visit Kate got a fever and Molly got a stomach bug. Love those communal child care situations.

This past week Jim took days off. The highlight was an overnight in Ithaca, which we've been meaning to do for years. We had to rearrange our plans a bit because of Molly's brief illness, but it landed us here at the Ithaca Children's Garden right at the tip of the lake.I saw this cool tunnel thing from the road so we stopped.

And we found this.

The anarchy zone! Old tires, mud, forts made out of sticks, pots and pans, more mud, tire swings, log swings, hay bails.

Molly loved the swings.

That tunnel thing from the inside...

It inspired us to dream of making our yard look like a giant mud pit. We're starting small, with some sticks and a fort.

And if that's not enough fun, yesterday we got to ride a hay wagon and feed the animals at Bubbaloo Farm.

Wagon ride

Apples for the pigs.

Baby turkeys!!

Opening the chicken coop and collecting eggs.

Cousins holding hands.

We finished the day with a delightful tea party. (More pictures here).