Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Silly kids

What can Santa possibly bring little Kate? Her favorite toy is a pair of Jim's old white socks stuffed with rice and tied in a knot. She calls them her babies and carries them around.

A week or two ago she discovered a new favorite craft project. Rip a page out of a catalog. Put glue on it. Stick ripped up pieces of catalog pages to the glue. 

Meanwhile Molly has been experimenting with snow angel technique. Mommy look! Face down!

This is what we did on my birthday. On our quick mini-trip to Boston I dragged everybody to Gloucester.

We also got to play with baby Norah. The girls were great travelers. Happy birthday to me!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Girls dancing in pretty outfits

I was at ballet class and at the end Mommy took a picture of us.

Once Kate and me dressed up fancy and pretended we were fairy princesses.

(post by Molly, typing by Mommy)