Friday, August 29, 2014

Strangeness around the house

The other day I was lying down with Kate trying to get her to take a nap when Molly interrupted to ask, "What's that strange 'ts ts' noise?" I told her it was probably just insects outside.

A while later, when Kate was asleep and I went to the kitchen I noticed this ...

 It looked as though it had been nibbled by mice. Odd.

 Then I saw this -- claw marks in the corn.

And this, a giant bite out of a banana.

Which led my glance upward to this... a giant hole in the window screen!

And just outside the hole, looking at me as if wondering when I'd go away so he could finish his snack?

This guy!

Grrrrr!!!! This picture is actually from today. I've been keeping the window closed, but each day he comes back and chews away more of the screen, trying to get in. I even put Frank's Red Hot all around. Yet here he is.

So that happened.

It was so annoying and bizarre that it almost overshadowed the discovery that Jim made a few hours later -- our Night Blooming Cereus (aka the Ugly Plant) had its first ever flower! We missed it, of course. The flower blooms only one night and we hadn't even noticed the bud forming. But at least now, after many years of owning this thing, we know that the bloom is possible!

Anyway, Molly saw her classroom and met her teacher (who lives just down the street from us!), Kate had her first successful grandparent sleepover and then a second a few nights later, Molly had her first friend sleepover... But whatever. There was a squirrel in our kitchen. A squirrel. In our kitchen. Man, what a week.

Monday, August 25, 2014

First hair cut

It's been a long wait, but today Kate's hair finally was read for a first trim. She hopped into the chair after Molly this morning and had the tiniest bit snipped off. She was extremely relaxed about it ... she likes having her hair combed and I think she was falling asleep. :)

Here's Molly, all ready for first grade next week.

We saw the school bus drive by today, practicing the route we think, and Molly was delighted to recognize Mr. Marty, her driver from last year. We get to meet the teacher and see her classroom Wednesday. Very exciting!

 It's going to be sad to see these two goofballs go to different places next month, though, after pretty much their whole lives together most or all of every day.

It's the beginning of a new era!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Our front yard climbing tree it truly full of wonders. Molly discovered a cicada on the trunk Sunday and we spent the entire afternoon watching it molt. What a strange creature!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


From our camping adventure at Oma and Grandpa's.

These photos are from Molly's camera taken at a veggie pick-up at Bubbaloo Farm. (Kate's not in these because she was hiding out in the car hoarding cherry tomatoes).

And this is from a walk we took last week at Tinker Park. I love this place!