Friday, February 24, 2012

Doctor visits

I finally got Kate to the doctor this week and we're quickly tracking down what the heck is wrong with her.
We got blood test results last night and it seems she's low on iron -- not anemic, but low enough that it could be making her overly vulnerable to infections.

Fortunately some vitamins should boost her levels back up. In the meantime she's on antibiotics because she seems to have some sort of bacterial infection up in her head somewhere. Her runny nose has slowed down a bit and it's quite a relief. She still sounds a lot like Darth Vader being devoured by gremlins, though. Poor little girl.

We're so used to being sick at this point that it's not slowing us down. Oma and Grandpa visited last weekend. They played with the kids while Jim and I ducked out for shopping and lunch. Grandpa got Molly some boondoggle, which both girls are still enjoying. Oma helped her sew a leather pouch.


We went down to see Jeff's new house Monday and met Jim for lunch at work Wednesday.  I took the girls up to Vermont yesterday for some February vacation fun with Lex and Eve. What great little travelers they are!! Molly was awake the entire four hours of driving and Kate didn't sleep at all on the way home, yet there was zero whining or crying. They just chattered and did I-don't-know-what to occupy themselves. It was quite a pleasant surprise. In some ways it was actually one of the easier days of the week because I got four hours to just do my own thing (even if it was driving) and not have to think much about the kids. Or maybe it was the hours of talking to an adult while the children happily occupied each other that made it such a nice day. :)

We're finishing up vacation week with some bowling with our quiet little neighbor friend Rhys, then on to a slow weekend before (health willing) Molly goes back to school. She hasn't been to school in two weeks because she was out sick the entire week before break. The names of her classmates are coming up in her pretend play pretty often today. I think she's eager to go back.

Some other scenes from our week.

Molly so engrossed in drawing that she got right up on the table.

Molly was playing outside a few days ago when she called me because she found a flower. She was right. Here's our first crocus of spring ... in February!

Little girl snuggled up, feeling not so healthy.

Kate playing with a construction paper crown Molly made.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold and Crazy

Very cold day here in Ayer, MA. Can't wait for spring so we can get these girls outside. In the meantime, just trying to channel the energy into something soft.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No hands

Kate's got a new trick ...

Yes, that's Molly in the background saying, "all she needs is one dirty washcloth." She's repeating Mommy and Daddy noting that Kate is most likely to stand when she's so excited about what's in her hands she forgets to hold on. Up until now those exciting objects were Molly's felt horse and some paper muffin liners. But really, what's better than a wet washcloth she pulled down from the oven door?

Monday, February 6, 2012

10 months ...

and still not sleeping!

Kate is getting maybe just a little bit better from her never-ending cold. We've had a few nights this week with 4-hour blocks of sleep, which are wonderful! (interrupted, of course, by Molly waking us up to ask what various sounds are or because she fell out of bed).

There's not much going on here other than wiping noses and trying to sneak in naps. Which is to say we're having a really good time. I think I might be becoming a hermit. I really like lazy days at home with just the kids. Of course, Molly's screaming at me right now and Kate's getting into something most certainly dangerous on the easel tray. Better go.