Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet the teacher

Molly's kindergarten open house was this morning.

We walked through the school, hopped on the bus for a short ride...

and then found her classroom.

The teacher had a craft project set up for the kids and informed us that she LOVES glitter.

We spent some time exploring the toys and books in the room, testing the bathroom and finding Molly's backpack hook.

Molly had drawn a picture for her new teacher. Here she is delivering it.

Her class will have 19 kids, nearly equal numbers boys and girls. None of the neighbors we've met so far is in the class, but that's OK.

Molly says ...

molly  love  d  the  classroom

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lake day

Another lovely day, another little outing.

Today we indulged Molly's request to play mini golf.

Kate even tried it a little...
before giving up and climbing all over everything.

Another beautiful visit to Lake Ontario, too.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


What a beautiful camp site we found this weekend ... at Oma and Grandpa's house. :)

Walking the alpacas.
Telling stories with Beppe (aka. Granny)

We had a chili and Fritos at the camp site, a camp fire with lots of extended family and toasted marshmallows, ripe peaches eaten right off the tree (and flung by little arms into the weeds), dusk around the campfire and then bats and stars.

Kate fell asleep in my lap around 9:30.  Molly didn't finally close her eyes until around 10! Fortunately they both slept much later than usual.

Kate sleeps in.
We woke up with waffles and bacon, a refreshing swim in the pool, a hot tub soak and then fishing in the pond.

Fishing in Oma and Grandpa's pond in the morning.
No wonder everybody's so exhausted. What a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Family fun

Lots of pictures on this one.

We've been gardening this week, pulling weeds. The girls like to help (or, more accurately, just pose in the garden with shovels).

We went to Henry's birthday party Thursday evening. Happy birthday Henry!!!

The party didn't wind down until about 2 hours after we normally put the girls in bed. The sun was going down on the corn fields ...

but the kids were still full of energy.

Pause to watch Uncle David dig up a pricker.
Running again!

The girls slept in until 7:40 the next morning!!! That's a new record for Molly.

Friday morning Molly chose to dress in her fairy costume. It got quite a reaction on our afternoon walk to the library. My favorite, though, was in the morning at Grandma's house.

Flying fairy!

Wait, hold that thought, Fairy has to take a call on the flashlight.

This morning Molly had ballet class. Kate and I spent the 45 minutes exploring a big park that's just beyond the hedge.

Back home, Molly talked us into walking to Panera for lunch. The girls split mac 'n cheese and grilled cheese, drank milk and ate squeeze-up yogurts on the side. Could this place serve a more dairy-centric kids meal? Ick! They wanted Abbott's on the way home. Um, no. I'd be walking home two little cows.

Then we headed over to the Crossroads Festival for more cousin time. Free pony rides, walk right up. How cool is that!

They did the bounce house, games and a petting zoo, too.

And we left with Molly asking when she can see her cousins again.