Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We were supposed to drive to Syracuse a few days ago to meet the Johnsons, swim in the hotel pool and bounce on trampolines at SkyZone.

Winter weather got in the way of our drive two days in a row and we missed them. We're still moping around about it, but I did follow through on my promise to Molly that we would go to the Rochester SkyZone instead. We got tickets today for just a half hour right when they opened and it was plenty.

The place looks empty here -- just Molly and Kate -- but really it was packed with people. It's just that the little kid section cleared out toward the end of our session.


Tessa said...

Yay! Glad you made it. Did they have fun? Did you jump? We'll do it again sometime... when there is NO snow!

Thea said...

You are not the only ones that are sick of the weather. It seams all I di sit in the house. I have not been out from the last time I was at your house.I am sick of SNOW SNOW SNOW