Sunday, December 14, 2014

Birthday party

Molly had her Winter Fairy 7th birthday party yesterday.

We spent all week getting the house ready...

Molly invited everybody to wear fairy or elf costumes. Almost everybody did! We had a big pile of wings and costume bits accumulated by the end.

The mother of one of Molly's friends offered to stay at the party to do face painting. She's a professional-artist-turned-at-home-mom and we're all very lucky that she enjoys doing this so much.

No butterflies or fairies for Kate. She wanted pizza!

We also used star garland and curling ribbon to make fairy crowns. The little fairies had a good time stabbing balloons with pens ... then, when most of them had popped, there was no end of trouble because there weren't enough balloons for everybody. Lesson learned for next time.

 Molly wanted a lemon cake ... the first time in many years that we haven't made pink cupcakes. We settled on a Wegmans cake with a lemon filling layer. It was yummy!

Somebody mentioned "cake" and suddenly all the fairies magically appeared at the table, sitting politely and quietly.

I served a lot of seconds ... and maybe some thirds, too.
Cake + fairies =


We got through it with only a few tears, nothing broken (as far as I know) and a very exhausted but appreciative birthday girl.


Thea said...

What a lovely B Party. Thank you for letting me in on it. Now I wish for a my B day in a couple of weeks to have 8 of my friends and have a Fairy Party. FUNNY?

Tessa said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday Molly! What a fun looking party. I love all the lights and the birthday sign on the door. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you.